No. 50, 12th Block, Serpentine Road, Kumara Park West, Bangalore – 560 020.


PAIR CABLES was established in the year 1986. The company is specialized in providing complete communication solution like voice and data networking.

The company pioneered in the field of providing complete solutions for Voice Networking since the early beginning of communication awareness in India. During the 1980’s, due to the growing need of communications, the earlier manual telephone exchanges were replaced by electronic telephone exchanges i.e., EPABX. These changes brought an increased awareness among corporate houses, Government and Semi Government Establishments and institutions, Small and Medium Enterprises etc.

Our company being part of the infrastructure provider science then has gained a lot of rich experience and talent. We have associated with the best OEMs for providing Telephone Cables, Termination Boxes, Main Distributions Frames, Jointing Kits and other related accessories. The company understands the needs of the clients and provides tailor made solutions.

During the migration period of EPABX to Digital Switching Systems, the company has only acquired rich experience and customer base. Today, we boast of having the best clientele list and are also proud to be a part of their constant growth by providing latest technologies in voice communications as and when upgraded.